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images by azure carter (most likely)

my ghost in my machine

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hole. i put my face in my hole._" (, hole, in uncontrollable bod-
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another window in Panix, -window. The One or Eye floats in and out
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Plot: clearly jennifer, dreaming and loving .
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of : seething mass of theoretical debris.
, daishin nikuko, who are julu-jennifer - what wounding of
holes are visible, open: she is speaking: "i am 's beautiful
friend, hello , you are my new friend, hello squid, you are my new
slot, it enters your inbox, you see there, you see there,
write by the rules, 's obnoxious, his thought's idiotic, he plays
anything with it, 's far too bitter, his name is so ugly, he's far
your holes, it's far too creepy, you see there, you see
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surely you must think, mr. , that you are stale and have covered
is it something else, mr. . [shrug] [jump]
you are a saint, mr. . [laugh] [kiss]
mr. , we are with you in our heart. you are a genius and you must
of course you will not, mr. , you have never done but brilliant
audience [empathetic] [poor mr. ]
you are so brave mr. , i cannot believe how brave you are in this
that was wonderfully put, mr. , thank you, thank you, thank you.
noticed the gears beginning to saw away at the studs and ties.
skeining skeins Snoxfly sourcess spam stentor stromatolite
( soaking, filmed with the dying camera
( in mourning and recuperation
inscribes itself on retinal matrices. it says ', there is nothing
to look at.' it says, ', you will have nothing to see.' i hide
inscribed with rectilinear coordinates. sawgrass says, ', this is
embarrassment. my machines say ' is not a pariah.' i am run by my
' is not a pariah.' i am run by my machines in this direction. it
', there is nothing to look at.' it says, ', you will have
says, ', this is your imaginary.' sawgrass says, 'inscribe
Login name: In real life:
-dark - assassin-killer laureate. -genius I am
sick of assassin-killer -dark - assassin-killer. laureate
-genius doesn't know how stupid and rude he is. laureate
-genius must certainly revel in being hated and stupid. -dark
- is hated more than beautiful-laureate of sir hates
laureate -genius or his stupid old-man writing. beautiful-laureate
of sir thinks he is better than assassin-killer. -dark -
suffering in the world. How pathetic is laureate -genius saying
how pathetic assassin-killer is. Read laureate -genius for the
second time and he is a trite baby wa-wa. -dark - thinks
he can get away with laureate. -genius assassin-killer thinks he
about -dark. - assassin-killer ruins creativity for
others. Everyone has discovered coding before laureate -genius
bad idea and sends it everywhere in the world. laureate -genius
writes about nothing else other than death.
writes about nothing else other than doaned viewers aware
all of 's writing is about his death; he goes on and on about
patent blanket
- the effect is a slow movement of air throughout. the patent
elements. the patent blanket is under development.

. it's not even by someone pretending to be .
if even . it's someone not pretending even to . a
and ellen zweig
pull. except pluspart, azure carter, . no production, no direction
but read the stele of AB.BA.HI.A.
the stele of AB.BA.HI.A.
( ... ... up Time Julu: id-forces, sexualities foregrounded
nazi undergoing shaman transplant operation eyes
coming always into make office her (shutting office , (shutting
funny , boys funny make boys
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- 'Star!'
, two rooms on dean street. set to black background.
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mo about ! -dark ! - ! assassin-killer ! ruins ! creativ
the each last: it , as thing existence...has begins - names
couldn't have done that much music, pictures, films, and
Created by
's Home
Home page area that contains the items created and collected by
's Home
's Home archon
's Home
two important short films by
i tell you, if it wasn't for , theory wouldn't exist!
Created by
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"political shadows," by
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why cannot show his sight.
and cannot play his sound.
's Home mountain awaken
's Home six views of the mountain
's Home dank
's Home undank
's Home danker
's Home dankest

*** Signoff: um (I'mum outtaum here!)
's Home unlinked
's Home scratched
's Home rootthrone
's Home swingle
's Home lohengrin

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skeining skeins Snoxfly sourcess spam stentor stromatolite
( soaking, filmed with the dying camera
( in mourning and recuperation
inscribes itself on retinal matrices. it says ', there is nothing
to look at.' it says, ', you will have nothing to see.' i hide
inscribed with rectilinear coordinates. sawgrass says, ', this is
embarrassment. my machines say ' is not a pariah.' i am run by my
' is not a pariah.' i am run by my machines in this direction. it
', there is nothing to look at.' it says, ', you will have
says, ', this is your imaginary.' sawgrass says, 'inscribe
, daishin nikuko, who are julu-jennifer
holes are visible, open: she is speaking: "i am 's beautiful
, daishin nikuko, who are julu-jennifer - what wounding of
form. Form, thrust out. Form, thrust away." (, Disorders of the

unspeakable reality of the world. In this uncanny present, 's
In 's writings digitization is no historical process. Or if we are
process, shows that we find rupture and breakdown of the process
digital. The great importance of 's writings is to treat the
More specifically, writes the problematic of the analog and the
digital. There is a rhythm to 's writings on the subject. Even
the more in its absence or gap. 's writing is syncopated in all
Firstly, these writings are syncopated in the way thinks through
only in digital form. There are only analog-simulacra. 's
through the analog. takes a different route, gambling on a
these will not reduce the confusion. This is not to say that
The ``mathematical physicist'' addresses in ``Spike'' could help
some level. More simply, writes from a belief in the world. The
Secondly, 's writing is syncopated in the way it differentiates
by explaining that ``by digital I mean discrete,'' ties thinking
both ``relative and fundamental,'' explains . For example,
``intervention'' in everyday life. is clear that raster and
Every aphorism is latent in every other and 's writing remembers
communication. 's aphoristic writing is in the mode of Novalis or
Finally, bodily interruption syncopates 's writing. Of course, it
digital and analog. This is 's concern throughout, but it is most
's aphorisms is reprocessed and hashed and the embodied text stops
making sense. offers some clues or lures for the reader. Perhaps
super-ego, suggests, followed by the introduction of numbers and
libidinal. To say that 's writing exhausts the problematic of the
through.'' 's work on the analog and digital works on itself. What
's writings on the analog and digital are grounded in pragmatics.
technologies. explains the digital as the result of setting up a
possibility of accumulation. Finally, 's raster and protocol are
None of this is entirely new in 's work. The concern with the
back as early theoretical writings, such as The Structure of
allowed a theory of online writing as hysterical text, as
environment. For , the implication was subjectivity in relation to
If writes against the digital future described by Kittler and
On the one hand, saw the possibility of a future where REWRITE
If 's analog and digital writings do not foreground futurity in
digital orders. What is such an intervention? does not specify
a world of increasing digitization, demonstrates the entanglement
immense importance. The style and content of the work is radical.
dialogue with . The content ranges from theory to praxis, with
and virtual subjectivity. While interacting with 's ebook of
and thought itself has written: "These are the essays I
"['s] writing exploits the plasticity of natural and machine
Introduction: Codework

Weisses usually in Massachusetts. In contrast, the side of the
deep; I had felt close to the Weiss, not the , side of the family.
lives in another world, just like our own.
saw the world was his.
would listen to you speaking and would
listen to listening to you speaking.
knew that the world was doubled.
would watch it burst, but it would burst
was not joined at the horizon.
and then the world. would hardly hear
For my mother, Evelyn Weiss
: This is fascinating - I'm always curious how many of
displayed the following
: Some of them are working! I've been playing around
: But Im not in bold now -are you? There's no bold at
: Well, I've got the URL up - yes, it's difficult, you
: Why don't you start with questions and we'll see where
: It's odd because those seem like different operations
: Well, what gets rid of the "I self Me" - which is
: The protocols reference code and the breakdown of
: and it's between code and its breakdown that I'm
: which is partly interpretable in a classical sense
: She disappeared a while ago; I didn't want to write
: The space-between code - what underlies writing here
: I started calling this 'codework' which has taken on a
: So the subtext so to speak ruptures the text which
: As if the bones of the tomb of writing were made
: - as if the bones had some sort of presence in the
: So that the writing in a way is 'lurid' - cutting
: As in the 'Anita Berber' pieces that I've put up at
: Mistakes in print, and in the traditional Tanach, five
: There's the "skeleton" of a piece of writing - which
: which gives you a huge list of synonyms. The first
: Which is a kind of overflowing of synonyms, burying
: and there's a parallel with Berber's life here, at
: This isn't my 'best' tabla work, but I thought it
: I wonder what happened; I'm always afraid of clicking
: The first bit - the short bit - is a
: There are better tabla pieces here! I think something
: Think of the rest as both an expansion and a
: in so many directions that nothing
: It a strange interface with a mysterious life of its
: two bits in that sentence will get you a quarter (bad
: yes, but you might want to ask away here? When I enter
displayed the following
: There are so many terms - I mentioned 'codework'
: which just about close everything down in a classical
: If you think of say Lautreamont - what he was doing
: But if had to attent a conference on his own work,
: What I've put up here - and you do have to shuttle
: There's also a few code snippets (most of which I've
: I tend to write in Unix or Linux - I've been doing
: which allows me to use all sorts of sophisticated text
: Just briefly - the first is Normal, then 'Back" takes
: Punched Cards is another linux program that turns
: Eliminate which was written by Florian Cramer for me
: Elimx is one I wrote from Florian's that makes a mess
: Cramer made a program that eliminates duplicate
: The program is above. It counts different words for
: The "mathesis" program I love - Jim Reith wrote it for
: You can enter a mathematical function (the very first
: GoogleScrape - is just using the Google program (API
: It's just a more sophisticated way of using google
: Then there's the "Simple perl program results" - which
: Yes of course, that would be a lot better than this
: Yes to both, that was also a while ago. Shinto
: Not so much; I've been very moved by Red Pine's
: because I can't get myself "around it" - which is
: On the other hand, I could never 'submit' to Zen or to
: and am alienated by, say, Mishima, by whale-hunting,
: The one book that stays with me, now, is the Flower
: These are openings for me, and the sutra is
: By the way (while waiting) the Yipes! text is made
: And the "Using Chat" was made by recording one of
: Ah I see - for me in relation to D Turner's second
: about Youtube and so forth - the work skitters among
: I also work with dancers in Geneva, Switzerland, and
: Yes, the meaning shifts in each context, but the
: Edting in relation to suprlus - that depends on what
: but I prefer also to work on an idea, get through with
: Code and text interact for me; sometimes the structure
: When I'm working with software (I work at the Virtual
: to some sort of limit - seeing what happens at the
: Text-based work allows me to think the
: I write a great deal of theory, and it's so easy to
: Sometimes it matters, most of the time it doesn't - if
: whether or not one understands it fully. There are
: I did some work in visual basic (you can download the
: Exactly like lace, and just as
: It makes it seem as if the world is both obdurate,
: I think of Jacques Lacan in this regard - reading his
: There are also political concerns here - trying to
: Which effects in the films? And you should sometime
: There are avatars that are constructed from motion
: and images from laser scanning equipment (big
: I'm not sure which this is! I think that's the
: The Wolf piece - that's using motion capture and
: Yes, Bellmer fascinates me, but thenI worry - in my
: It's separate, it's faster than Max I think - the
: A lot of teen-age boys make 'ideal' girlfriends with
: I think my work walks an edge of being lurid and
: I do think at least in the US these images are the
: There was a book years ago which talked about Jewish
: culture as breaking down the 'etiquette' of middle or
: for example Freud scraping at the psyche, Marx at
: And these people were - again perhaps like codework
: partially-assimilated Jews, but not 'really'
: This is obviously a gross over-simplification but it
: You have the same thing, say, in the blues, with
: When I'm surprised by the result, it's a success, no
: when I know 'what I'm doing' - it may well be a
: I coined the term 'defuge' to reference those moments
: for example when you try to read a novel several
: The same thing happens with pornography, but that's
: - if pornography were 'ideal' - one image would do it
: In sports it's another related issue - one wants one's
: So there's a kind of disinvestment at work here, and
: I think it depends. I haven't been thrown out of
: I also cross-post a lot which bothers
: The sexual content of some of the work bothers
: And at my end I have little patience for what I think
: I don't know, some tame, some not tame - it depends on
: "don't I think" - I'm not sure where this typo was
: With my work? Just to be able to keep doing it. And
: I'm terrible at programming, okay with borrowing or
: I want to explore more 'body-avatar' issues in Second
: for me, at least the aesthetics of
: Well, she may return, but there are other things -
: I don't thin I need an editor but I might have
: In fact some of the work they do is imitating avatars
: When you getto something like the Wolf,
: I have no dance background, but I work with a dancer
: That's his choreography from the avatar tapes
: We tend to inspire each other. I can't do much
: I agree re: Butoh, I haven't, but would like to work
: Or I'm the material for the dancers; it's really back
: At times I'm not sure who is doing what with whom or
: I can stay for a few more minutes if there are any
: Oh someone asked why the webpage is a
: That's the simplest way I can present the materials;
: The Trace materials are different - they were done
: There are six left; before I leave, are there any
: I'll sign out then and thank you and thank you
: No problem; I'm about to sign out unless there's a
: I'll be on the discussion board later this
: Kate, please send the recording if you
: Thank you as well - I'm constantly worrying about the
, Written on some Body
- (somewhere over Kentucky)
Pardon me for interrupting, but are you the on the Poetics
, lists, there is a certain consistency, there is a certain
ici, you are here, you are really here, trans. .
, beatle-eyed, there wasn't a bone to him that wasn't soft, if
I tell you, if it wasn't for , theory wouldn't exist! He sure
, I said, and he replied, oh, the musical?! No, I said, the phil-
It's the melatonin, I said, gave it to him, and it changed his
blue glow of dawn.' (James Lee Burke, Heaven's Prisoners)." (,
re Carter, - this flicking among flics among flicks - an _o
[ joined the session]
[ started recording]
: Listening to this session for the echo in the room.
: "Recording this session" "Listening to this session"
: I remember when I used to write into the void,
: And because the worlds were beyond worlds, because of this,
: They recorded only as echoes, they sounded only as echoes.
: That was the beginning of appearance, that was the ending
[ stopped recording]


this the - so when this happened and I interrupted, I'd find
, beatle-eyed, there wasn't a bone to him that wasn't soft, if
I tell you, if it wasn't for , theory wouldn't exist! He sure
, I said, and he replied, oh, the musical?! No, I said, the phil-
It's the melatonin, I said, gave it to him, and it changed his
, dark horse of sacrifice, given to the queen
out of defuge () - the _hacker drive_ which tends towards what
isolation, however tautology's shadow." (, Textbook of Thinking.)

theorized (Kaja Silverman, The Acoustic Mirror; , Fissure
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Full-Name: ($x)
remotename( <>)
personal-name = *** To : Travis***
Prisoners)." (, Love, The Blue Glow of Dawn)
" lives in another world, just like our own.
saw the world was his.
would listen to you speaking and would
listen to listening to you speaking.
knew that the world was doubled.
would watch it burst, but it would burst
was not joined at the horizon.
and then the world. would hardly hear
I glow for you, where I glow for you, my name , where it
The name is no longer the same, "" is virtual, faded; "," a
simulacrum structuration systemics Thomas-Edwards Thomas-Edwards.
tends towards a translation of , but with other, more reson-
, Brooklyn, New York, and the date.

this writer , a conveyance or purchaser of such a magazine at
But the model, this writing says, is Mina Tsurumaru perhaps
. I sense it's broken because I'm breaking back in America
A jumps up and down and nothing breaks.
A immediately regrets his life!
A Has Fled The MOO!
This is an automated reply. is in at the moment but
"You are an impatient man, Mr. ," Jennifer said, holding
"I'm an orphan," Mr. , she replied.
[Kim McGlynn and ]
( and Kim McGlynn)
"In the past five years, has produced a large body of work,
"A more appropriate place to begin is with 's notion of the 'rich-
"One of the basic strategies in all 's work is to extend an analy-
es, errors can be especially revealing and thus much of 's work,
"For our purposes, and apparently for 's as well, the working-out
"But before the formalism settled into a final form, began to
ness and Being._] "however, _A General Theory of Reality,_ which
"As to whether or not his work is art, argues convincingly that
Sidonius, trans. , Ad V. C. Catvllinvm:

'' this Kyoko Date, Webbie Tookay, , Virtual Idol, Diki
, folded where the legs join, looking and folded where the legs
-- Contributed by !
- by way of Jennifer's Bonner's Villon
Jennifer , my daughter Jennifer , my sister Jennifer Sond-
Women, you'd have Blattle Women. If God merged with , you'd have
Daishin Nikuko, Dr. Leopold Konninger, )
blue glow of dawn.' (James Lee Burke, Heaven's Prisoners)." (,
This is a perfect text by . It has everything in it: theory,
sort what needs unraveling. The perfect text by ends here.
Altavista postface to search for ""

re Carter, - this flicking among flics among flicks - an _o
(who knows nothing about this)
>> Nikuko we're battering ourselves once again in
>> as in : if A then B else C - in which A and B
>> please note the lack of punctuation in the initial
>> line as everything remains unconstituted. But
>> until all of our are speechless in our presence
>> worrying the subjunctive literally to death, another
>> or you could begin in an other space: \there:
>> or "doing something else"
>> as if there is something else to do
>> when we're waiting for your reply, Nikuko
>> "in this busy world"
>> else you're \checking out
>> , I'm going to say this once and for all.
>> , I can't read this, it's going too fast,
PRIVATE MSG: >> , this is just to you, you'll hardly be
PRIVATE MSG: >> , this is just for you, you, you, amazing
>> , I can't believe this, <-------- ---- -------->
>> emergent engine tunnel - the sound almost
>> ing as the rails split and merge, split and merge,
>> ack looped in patterns which emerge inchoate,
>> lssubmerged emerges back again not coherent but
>> cproduction of the universe as if the end could
>> thtalled or a membrane torn and shriveled then
>> andsgain holding loop against loop, creating
>> fornc herself or himself, located the subject,
>> thie ee aindsm after
>> oihe sound one might imagine as transcendent,
>> that ot tterroducing internals
>> f'nnpxternal
>> iclattering against clattering as the same processing
>> ng else, something almost monstrous,
>> but und or appearance of a cavern or hollow mind
>> the s what will remain after universal chaos
>> eethid inchoate from all systems
>> reeeing from all systems
>> from as somsohich inderefled within the presence
>> frnihilation
>> tota
>> w an
>> el
>> Come and Join us One and All
>> My First Love's Name was Margaret Hall
>> A Schoolboy Crush, She Never Led
>> Me On and Now she Might be Dead
>> Beware the Schoolboy Crush, and Girl
>> You Never Know Life's Horrid Whirl
>> It takes you Here, It takes you There
>> And we Will Learn, Life is Unfair
>> Life will Die, and Stuff upon It
>> Misery will always Come
>> Perhaps that's Margaret's Rule of Thumb:
>> It's always Part of Someone's Hand
>> What Grasps the Tools that Make this Land
>> But Crushes Now go Nowhere Fast
>> Cause Earth Will End in Fiery Blast.
>><< >> Pet Pat! Put pit pot! >> Pin pan, pun. 'Pon
pen. >> Paw pew, pow! >> Pad pod.
>> Pop pap? Pip pep-pup. >> Pet Pat! Put pit pot!
>> Pin pan, pun. 'Pon pen. >> Paw pew, pow!
>> Pad pod. >> Pop pap? Pip pep-pup. >>
Pet Pat! Put pit pot! >> Pin pan, pun. 'Pon pen.
>> Paw pew, pow! >> Pad pod. >> Pop pap?
>> You can't preserve much; I have a volume >>
In New York there must be a dozen >> This is probably the
most international >> I write from an abstract or virtual
>> New York, like Newfoundland, has absolutely incredible
>> Some places, like Miami, conjure up >>
>> Pet Pat! Put pit pot! >> Pin pan, pun. 'Pon pen.
>> Paw pew, pow! >> Pad pod. >> Pop
read it if you may be offended by such. Kim Mcglynn, ]
Pardon me for interrupting, but are you the on the Poetics
>> ok here's a stupid joke. what did one pickle
>> you've got me in a pickle.
>> ok, here's a stupid joke. what did one spark
>> that was electrifying.
>> ok here's a stupid joke. what did one pencil
>> you've got me in the pen.
>> ok, here's a stupid joke. what did one window
>> i bet you think that was really clear.
>> ok, here's a stupid joke. what did one plate say
>> hold me before i spill the beans.
>> ok, here's a stupid joke. what did one cup say
>> hold me before i spill another bunch of stupid
stupid sucks idiot moron asshole
Your search - " sucks" - did not match any documents.
the picture... Audio of these poems by Poetry Index,
's post. I feel really weird. Is ...
All Rights Reserved. ...
now he is... ". "My mother's got all these ...
. blems in your child Example of Fractal Ordering ...
Your search - "stupid " - did not match any documents.
... unlovely gravelled, Lullingly overgrown. Does of
... Diana imbroglio: Although I like [, one of the founders
>> b >> i >> g >> s
>> e >> c >> r >> e
>> t >> i >> a >> m
>> n >> i >> k >> u
>> k >> o >> h >> e
>> e >> h >> e >> e
"The Voyage, by ." "I live around here." "Coral Gables is on

"rant" so be it. You're too good for us, , you're a piece of
You always ask too many questions. You are never content. ,
you are never content. , you are about to cross the "plane."
The "plane" is very broad and wide. With his fingers, , is
I exclude " Myouka ". I exclude " Jennifer ".
I exclude " Jenn ". I take my temperature.
Let there be no doubt. "".
>> this is the proof. i go to england...
>> and talk to myself.
>> no one is here to disturb me. a connection
>> moves across space through time in order
>> to bring me to myself. paths are taken, then
>> broken. packets are signed, delivered, according
>> of address and in the future, urgency. there
>> about myself returning to myself, nothing imminent
>> about this capturing process. i would have assumed
>> myself, no matter what the discourse emanating
>> from my body. now, however, i await my reply,
>> the connection holds. what is a proof without
>> what is a witness manque, through language, the thin
>> bandwidth all that is necessary
>> for my proof. here and there, a shattered mirror.
>> i am among us or myself. i can't carry this with
>> the machine. the machine.
Login name: In real life:
Smylie Soden Southern Staehle Stahlman Stalder Stallings Stefan
Interview with
: I see one leading into the other; I was doing 'interference'
is universal, then it's the time to out of defuge () - the _hacker
The battle against Bush, too, is fought for poetry.' (, IT
, , what are you afraid of? )
Args =
Q = ""
thereafter, have mixed feelings about , and bemoan ... wear
and witch in 's INTO THE ... school
Little Tune von Versandfertig innerhalb ... not
II, Stephen , and Andrew ... Theatre
, in which he addresses a broad range ... with it,
Best Musical to 's "A Little Night
learned but a name which collapses: "" or a new hiatus: "at",

Today With
What are you staring at?
Diane Neumaier, Sally Stein, ,
, lpmud. DOS with logins. Under remediation. " "Playlist for
; .darko fritz; .federic madre ___________. . " "NOEMA >
supernumerary limbs
eww BACK TO late night IGtNN
As far as I know fK y What a painful loss. Gfg 'Don't

chaotic or noisy. I find myself embarrassed or shameful." ( in
Violently, ran down to the pier, hidden between the dark firs
got the laptop back from Cynthia who had written the stuff you
lot). Isn't it true that 's text, on the other hand, seems to
Everything is signal, everything is SCROLL, has said, stressing
has countered, I think successfully, that desire pervades vir-
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'Think of a book inflicted on its author...' ()
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'Think of a book inflicted on its author...' ()
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This = avant-garde
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This = experimental
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Eleanor Thornton and both have tinnitus, continuous ringing
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's Gimokud by Camilo Quevedo. ceptual lens ...
... Poem: "early dreaming" By . ++ Column: An Excerpt
, Ted Warnell
... Weitere Beispiele sind die Arbeiten von , bei dem
... Response: Bowling For Columbine. and the Media. . I T
... Der Musiker und Schriftstel- ler , zur Zeit Gastautor
CD Thomas, Cathy Young, Mia Lipner, Sharon Keller, ,
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[ joined the session]
[ started recording]
: Listening to this session for the echo in the room.
: "Recording this session" "Listening to this session"
: I remember when I used to write into the void,
: And because the worlds were beyond worlds, because of this,
: They recorded only as echoes, they sounded only as echoes.
: That was the beginning of appearance, that was the ending
[ stopped recording]
Anderson (violin), (mandolin, guitar)
[-] Q&A with
[-] Re: Q&A with
Re: Q&A with

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thank you
(), and a story worth seeing, "Long Long Run." I usually
Soundtrack and story: :
itself? Let's find out in this wonderful image by . He says:
What I'm writing about is related: and I have been
almost always cites 's work but does not engage it directly.
Dear !

Pardon me for interrupting, but are you the on the Poetics
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I tell you, if it wasn't for , theory wouldn't exist! He sure
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Human modeling again (notes for a talk)

I think 4 aspects - psychoanalytics, avatar-skin, medical modeling, AI
communality/behavior/sociality - to be considered.

Well: Avatar-skin: surface of being human which is always a fiction; there
is no exacting boundary where body ends and environment begins (think of
breath, other processes). So this is splines, Bezier curves, NURBs, early
polygon work, etc. now automated by Poser etc. Avatar-skin also applies to
audio (later touch, scent, taste, etc.) - everything perceived from one
human or other organism to another.

Well: AI communality/behavior/sociality: the internally-automated behavior
of the avatar-skin; think of this as diachronic avatar, and avatar-skin as
synchronic; each moves through the other. With AI, avatar is somewhat
spread across the social; communication and communality extend the opaque
body (metaphorically) into the translucent.
Fundamental rules of the 'game' tending towards description.

Well: Medical modeling: Both diachronic and synchronic, the projected/
introjected organs of the avatar-skin, always on the level of a model,
i.e. a beating heart is fabricated on a subtextual level again from poly-
gons, curves, splines, etc. The ontology is different as long as one
remains within the realm of computational modeling. (One might say that
_inscription_ in the real is paralleled by _fissure_ in the virtual.)
Medical modeling is fundamental description tending towards explanation.

Well: Psychoanalytics: Here is where the following have to be taken into
1. The abject: epistemological/ontological/inscriptive 'smears' across
domains. Corrosive and irreducible to the other categories.
2. Introjection/projection ('jectivity') - formation of internalized
images from virtual to real.
3. Obscenity and interjections: Breakdowns of communication within
Psychoanalytics are not susceptible to mathesis beyond topology.
(Level of the metaphoric: No verification procedures.)

But of course all of this is rough, not exactly accurate; ontology and
epistemology, various branches and techniques of mathematics, can be
thrown around heedlessly. Still I'd want to begin from the four aspects
described here: body/surface, psychoanalytics/'mind', AI/habitus, and
medical/observation-experimentation. One would have to further consider
the role of apparatus, observation, observer, in all of this.

One final note - the concern - that, with formal and informal modeling
systems of organisms/physics/mathematics: How is consciousness in
relation? In other words, _what are the effects on the reader/programmer/
experimenter? How do these relate to abjection and jectivity if at all?

Notes from the Structure of Reality

In my Structure of Reality (which is under review), there are three funda-
mental layers to what I call the 'topology of intention'; these are of
interest since they critique any structuring, conscious or unconscious,
'like a language.' The layers are the real, interpretation, and language;
there is a 'zone' between the real and interpretation, and mappings all
across the layers. The real is knowable through interpretation which does
not presuppose language (syntactics, sememe); the mappings are tight, how-
ever, between interpretation and language. One might think of this as a
pre-linguistic representation without the thwarting embodiment of lan-
guage. You can see this at work when the 'unnamed' of the real skews into
anomaly - in other words, when anomaly appears without the aegis of lang-
uage. Consider for example something falling without the presence of an
ostensible object; the 'something falling' might be construed as such by a
thud or less-interpretable sound. Repeat this enough and a name is gener-
ated; if it remains on the level of a singularity or the anecdote, it
might be quickly forgotten - except for the possibility of a marker of
some sort, for example, a recording.

Heinz von Foerster: "Since nothing in the environment corresponds to
negation, negation as well as all other 'logical particles' (inclusion,
alternation, implication, etc.) must arise within the organism as a
consequence of perceiving the relation of itself with respect to its
environment." (From "Thoughts and Notes on Cognition.") SoR p. 69

Cyclical chains sailing past O and I - maybe modeling through the tangent
function. Is the repetition assumed to be 'complete'? A cyclical chain is
a loop with any number of nodes; think of one as nul, O, and another or
the same as universal, I. Then circle. What happens? One moves from 0
through infinity perhaps then back again. The simplest equation here:
tangent. Each revolution is marked perhaps by sliding along the x-axis:
equivalent but not identical graphs. And so we're there. We can visit as
many times as we like.

Does distributivity really fail w gesture? (The old Land experiments in
color vision as well as a structural analysis of gesture seem to imply
that distributivity in Aristotelian logic fails in daily life - which
further implies the potential for superimposition as the basis for a logic
of gesture.)

The thinness of language - ontologically existing on the level of the
sheave - language carries no weight at all. From within the avatar, the
sheaves, surfaces, have zero-width, one-pixel width, nul-width, as 2d
mathematical manifolds embedded within 3d space; they've all got the same
measure as the continuum, but zero volume in the embedding space - like-
wise language has zero volume.

Language, speaking, is always frustrated, flustered. It can't get around
things. Meaning: One can't get around things through language, not even
through performatives (which indicate real-material embodiment elsewhere).

Meditation medication goes nowhere.

Aristotle's Problems - sexual problems related to fluidity, abjection, in
part iv - numbers pp 327-328, Loeb edition. The beginning of the fifteenth
book is of great interest - he describes number systems with different
bases which is fascinating given the apparent absence of zero.

Conservancy of the Problems, Bacon of all people working through them
almost two thousand years later; not that much had changed. The Problems
are on the level of the anecdote - curiosity cabinet, wonders - same as
any fundamentalist text - wonder upon wonder without internalized
structure or subtext - everything is new, raw, unrelated. Or causality is
pushed back into categories which are taken for granted, even though, like
heat or air, they're composite.

What is meant by modeling? Think of a 'world-particle' W whose scope is
anything, process, etc.: W( ... ). what does that tell us? What are the
processes of narrowing the scope, increasing the information - in other
words filtering?

Along these lines, modeling is always a filtering.

Four negations: annihilation, -x s.t. --x > x; 'chain negation' s.t. -x >
y; -y > z or whatever; combinations of these; negative of the 'set-aside'
- form of retrievable absence.

States and nodes of graphs represented/mapped into states and nodes of
graphs - this includes the possibility of 'foreign' graphs which are
disruptive. The whole becomes an excursion into description rather than
explanation, which is seen as a subset.

There should be limited copies of the Structure of Reality online/offline
- dates from 1977, I wasn't a child.

SL - theoretical approaches

Second Life behaviors come as animations which may eventually go down to
the frame, but are packages in any case. There is a relation with older
silent film and melodrama patterns - what have been dubbed histrionic
gestures. A good text here is Bharata's Natyasastra, which discusses,
among other things, rasa and pattern presentations. Patterns are used as
generators of audience psychological response. The text not only considers
patterns independently, but as group structures.

Second Life bodies touch on the abject, but don't 'enter' within it; there
are issues of purity and corruption. Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga, Path to
Purity, is extremely important in this regard, especially in relation to
illusion and suffering. There are also kasinas which are may be related to
landscape 'focal points' in SL. A second important text is the Hevajra-
tantra with its multiple bodies; it might be worth looking at the works of
Tsong Ka-Pa in this regard as well. (Again, Kristeva's Powers of Horror,
Lingis, Mary Douglas, all come to mind.)

In terms of ontology, Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika, The Fundamental
Wisdom of the Middle Way, is critical, given its analysis of dependent
(co)-origination ad emptiness. This correlates almost too neatly with the
ontology and epistemology of protocols on one hand and the abject body on
the other. Dependent (co)-origination can also be related to Indra's Net
and the relation of the Net to the Internet as a collocation of nodes, at
least on an epistemological level.

One might ask what is the ontology of SL from _within_ protocols - and
whether such a question makes any sense at all.

To self-active an SL avatar - use the screen itself as vision, motion-
detection across the image - feed this into AI neural networks - output
back into SL through encoded behaviors. Note the ontological and epis-
temological shifts involved: from digital readout through analog screen
(2D) interpretation.

Finally there are the old MOOs - MUDs-object-oriented, where MUDs stood
for multi-user-dungeon (or some such - out of the old D&D gaming). MOOs
are text-only virtual realities, somewhat similar to SL. One of the
biggest differences: MOOs are open-source and can easily be set up on any
linux/unix box. Now MOOs (like SL) have a system of unique identification
tags for every object, player, etc., and this is hierarchical (much like
unix itself, with the root / ). Explore the earliest numbers (which re-
flect the sysadmins, wizards, MOO structure as a whole. Remap through
dependent (co)-origination. (It should be noted that the Sharp Zaurus,
which runs on embedded but easily terminal-accessible linux, has a file
structure which 'resonates' with itself - one can literally go in circles
through it. How can one think through these dependencies, proxies, etc.?)
This might be a way of clarifying the philosophical issues - for example,
one might think of both absolute and relative ontologies (much like URLs)
- and then how the former maps onto the latter, or how all of this dis-
appears. (Just as things disappear, mathematical objects appear to appear.
So problems related to SL and avatars: the mapping of protocols, networks
in relation to the visual; to mathesis and abstract ontologies; and to
hardware implementations: static (ROM or storage where configuration is
mapped thing that is read as virtual thing), and dynamic (where transmis-
sion dynamics, ontologies, and economies are paramount).

i'm sick of swallowing

in my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well,
with the ravishment and devouring of the other, with propitiation.

oh i'm so tired having taken you and reduced you to nothing, oh such tired
and you're nothing to me, not even flesh, not even a smear on the carpet,
once ravished, you're all over, what the fuck

i hunt and one of you is not enough; my cock hunts you down. lucky me i
got a gun. lucky me you don't.

kill me, i'm bored.

interest in, and may hunt at his pleasure; where besides the pleasure in
and as I hunt the world of storm, I fear for your safety and my own. In
in my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well,
through the message bases, in the form of a hunt or retrieval: recupera-
that it produced language, just as the hunt did. That the repetitive bab-
then i hunt for something stronger than pills
from the hunt and the preparation of ancient flesh.
constituted, constructed, as the humans on the hunt - no more or less. i
kill all priest. worry lama. hunt rabbi. kill shaman. kill all grand
my own adulterated view, defuge is connected with the hunt as well, (and
the man on the hunt for the rabbit. The man-dog is preyer; the rabbit is
while there's no stopping humans from the hunt -
elon grief dim weapons quiver savoury love hunt obey kids goats loveth
vinegar, the wine! Seize the hand, hunt with it, angle it upward! Mend
deleted weemails should scream them bloody with hunt But them for with now
views them But scream views 349: should them hunt that 349: that But with
bloody is is bloody now for weemails is should with machette. hunt that
now murder scream with scream them for murder with them hunt But just
bloody But with now play play machette. hunt for nowand approach murder
practice. i hunt on the internet. i shape ride on the internet. i speak
You can hunt anywhere, you can hunt online. Ghosts are here, their images

you can't smash them. i want to sleep. kill me, i'm bored.

identity self hunt economy dyad eat wife-force co-

o god ravish me isn't the same as oh god ravish me. i can't tell the
difference. eating flesh helps for a while. fuck you i'll code your flesh
i'll stamp it out. there's this odd calm after the hunt but then it turns
to slaughter. breathing heavy it's a sign. don't wait to breathe heavy.

To code is not to produce codework; it is to produce code on the level of
the code or interface. Bridged code, embedded code, is not codework; the
irreversible spew of cellular automata is codework, all the better if the
rules are noisy. The cultural production of codework abjures
intensifications, strange attractors, descriptions such as this (which is
the oldest game in the book). The hunt and reception of short-wave number
codes is codework. Writers on the edge are circumscribed by codework,
malfunctioned psychoanalytics, scatologies endlessly coded and decoded;
the codes are dissolute, partial, always already incomplete: the differend
is codework.

If I were a different species
I'd be me
I'd still be me

If I were a smelly goose-pickle
I'd be me
I'd still be me

If I were a protein shop
I'd be me
I'd still be me

If I were a blue kasina
I'd be me
I'd still be me

I'm am me
I'm still am me

I photographed these flying saucers (there seem to be two types??) over
Clarksburg, West Virginia, in the north-central sector of the state. A
slight amount of detail is visible. Clarksburg is known as the hometown of
Gray Barker, who was first visited by "the men in black" - he was also the
first to write about this top-secret government organization. The saucers
were silent, propelled by a new kind of drives which relies on elements
and physical principles unknown to modern science.

I photographed these wooden and plaster models (there were two types) as
they were thrown vertically in Clarksburg, West Virginia. These were made
by Barker himself and were a prototype for many of the flying saucer ima-
ges from the 1950s-60s. Barker created the concept of "the men in black,"
as well as secret letters purported to originate with the US government,
which encouraged the saucerian movement.

ay summed other miracle of life

summed remains of the d

flying saucers clearly visible over clarksburg west virginia, i saw these with my own eyes, some sort of magnetoroidal drive definitely visible