Tuesday, November 21, 2006


curlicue miasma production
it's always there the mechanical movement
of mr. foofwa in the gruyere(s) castle
i forget gruyeres or gruyere just about always
but there's a la gruyere no les gruyeres
so tout gauche les gruyeres!
hurry up!

Years ago, on an abandoned farm in Gruyere, spirits rose.
The landscape was full of joy and community prospered.
Invisible, only the flowers and stones, grange and bird, could see them.
But that was sufficient, no? That was sufficient.

i'm tired this stands on its own
the world's too full of information

thesis: we're at the _peak_ of information, not an upward slope.
after this: deterioration, gangs, spam, hacks, starvations, local wars,
infrastructure collapse...
the cusp is _now._
statistically, this has to be the case: how many are alive now, in
relation to the carrying-capacity of the earth, population increase,

foofwa d'i and isabel(l)(e) tear at the ruins

yes, yes, i can see the future, you can't
it's there in the overturned garden, in the formless vines, twisted
churn, or tarn, only static on the radio, spiders' nets
spanning this or that, wire to pipe, pipe to wire, nothing flows
in the future, numbers one through eight, one through seven
welkin, glimmer, gather, wind, tain
spanning unstation, unplace, settlings and shifting here and there
more of it, grey and green, edged, lessened, unfixed

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