Sunday, April 15, 2007


I've been remiss; if you go to
just look at the most recent work; it's made with Second Life avatars still/yet - using techniques of behavior collision - when bvh files are piled on bvh files to the extent that there seems to be an almost darwinian competition among actions. i've also been doing performance in Second Life. if you look at http:// and you'll find the recent text files that accompanied the work. there have also been personal struggles, friends in troubles, our usual situation of desperate lack of finance (a faculty member at Brown where I'm teaching a beginning course in filmmaking asked if I liked living poor), bad leaks in the loft, cop shot in the neighborhood, building in flames three blocks away, riot in the subway station we use, friend in the hospital, another friend outrageously let go from a job, and so forth. not to mention health issues - that 'low temperature' thing that gives me flu-like symptoms about a third of the time (i have it now, accompanied by a headache of close to migraine proportions), a bad knee that's made walking difficult, eyes going bad and just no money for new glasses, our cat becoming wobbly, a real scare that my almost 93-year-old father was in serious poor health (not true), the usual series of nightmares giving me maybe a couple of hours sleep a night, fears of death and mass destruction, moving closer to the edge of deep depression (pulling back then but tottering), difficulty getting my main manuscript published, the usual job turn-downs, and the Sony shortwave stumbles a bit about the 15 megahertz position with a degree of static coming from god knows where... not to mention some bizarre uploads here that I have to go and correct, goodbye

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