Friday, December 28, 2007

2 images, Azure and samisen during packing, so many hidden instruments, count them all. but then a fan which (all but) disappears as all fans do, into the background (and the real, taking slightly more time). what more can I say but Queneau, stylistic exercises. in my life, I prepare for a continuous leavetaking - I realized I haven't had even the semblance of a 'steady job,' that is a situation that seemed as if it might continue, since 1985, which means 23 years of scurrying. so I will die most likely rather soon - I feel the increased stress constantly - for which purpose I suggest you download as much as possible, as quickly as possible, whatever you might like, just on the offchance that the site goes fallow, that I'm unable to keep up payments for pecuniary or health reasons. in the meantime do check out the current, December, issue of Signal to Noise, p. 44 for an excellent article on my work - I do say so myself - every so often someone seems to have gotten it 'right,' by which I mean of course, something I agree with, no more and no less. Also if you have the chance, check out, in whatever stage of progress, Barbara Caspar's film Acker, on Kathy Acker - again, a getting-it-right; I saw this at MOMA here in NY and was tremendously moved. (Most work I've seen on Kathy makes claims one way or another, 'claiming Kathy' - this film, as much as possible (disclaimer here), give her the presence of the fullness of her speech, not that of others.)


Gabriel said...

Good fortune (and whatever provisional peace you find in the journey from Brookly to WV), Alan and Azure. Will find the article on your work, too, Alan.

Big hugs to u both.


sondheim said...

Aw, thank you for this!

- Alan

Richard Taylor said...


Hang in there -we need you alive! We - the world needs!! - needs "crazy" stuff like this!!