Thursday, August 17, 2006

it will be when it finishes,
having been celestial, finishing
cosmic dance and bodies finished
and preened, shuddering, finish
or sheen; to be sure, this lives
until the checksum disappears, lived
flattening, as if it were live
or flourishing, alive, livid, living

body or inscription,
death eases, inscribes
itself, always already inscribed;
look - eyes. and then inscribe
among the dead or dying,
or those who died inscribing
or just die

6882266 bytes; 6 8-2 8-2 66 = 6 6 6 66 = 666.66

on the crest or ridge of an enormous wave, during which the events of the
day loom exponentially, perhaps x^4 for example, the imminence of any
diurnal, already lost before a week or so - and in what name then history,
which integrates to the point of non-recognition? what happened thirty
years ago, I have small tales, few images, cannot assemble sample days or
nights; the remainder is all reconstruction, as it must be with crossed
ontologies, from object and word to neural circuit. talismans, fetishes,
ward against misinterpretation; these _are_ and _were_ and remain as such
as if their abject or reflective status guarantees a presence across what
can only be considered inconceivable loss. humans decry their minimal role
in the cosmos, but more minimal yet is our recuperation of untold events
among organisms, both spoken and unspoken, deaths of dinosaurs, children
wailing in the distance, the fall of a lepidodendron, anything one might
conceive. our slice, our crest, is the thinnest, thinner by far than the
fossil we hold in our hands, as if it were precious reminder, not
accidental residue; the fossil already participates in global economies of
collecting, completions, transportations, representations.

here though I think of the wave, the crest, the ridge, the fullness which
is greatest among all others, the fecundity of the crest, Leibniz and Thom
to a certain rescue, that is the rescue of all jostlings, emendations,
here they are. further down the stalk or sides, quantum tunnelings
continue and emissions, behave in contradiction to the distinctions above;
above, however, the world is infinitely clarified, it is _there_ at the
cusp or peak of roiling (singularities in differential calculus perhaps,
difference calculus perhaps upon closer inspection), that we model our
perceptions, our 'take,' our presence.

poorly finished trees

already reduced from PAL thru .avi thru .mov to .mp4 do the best i can
world transformed through an exemplification of particle physics - within
which things fly apart, always already have been apart - have nothing to
sustain them, interiority neither present nor exploded, all manifolds
opening through temporal dimensions - you can see the forest because of
the trees - the trees aren't there - yes, local intensities, vectors -
unfolding as well - the sheath three dimensions just there - volume
everywhere and nowhere - open tetraheda -

the map is the only territory
only territory is the map

implicit objecthood relying heavily on aristotelian laws of distribution -
here gestures are already syzygy - configurating -

hello a world in which machine-space is everything -
what is machine-space? only a self-referential raster - double
articulations just like language - that of the pixel, that of the _span_ -
then of course preceived span - that's something else again -

hello i was a tree
hello i was never a tree

D:/ C:/ E:/:turned coats and trying to work out in other environments,
who? w? netstat?:the miserable acquiescence of the hungered world:: the
miserable acquiescence of the hungered world transforms Your D:/ C:/ E:/
on me... Ah, incandescent with Reds and Blues!

model model model short video of stills from scanner to
Geomagic to Blender and spherical mappings; last night the rationale
behind these came clear in a dream; this morning disappeared; the tree
maps onto the tree; within the real; the optical apparatus; the digital
maps onto the digital; protocol between the two; but that the digital
spews into the analogic; returns to the dream as dismembering, disassem-
bling, dissembling; that the tree is a world; of numerical values; that
these values are cauterized; extruded from irrationals; that they never
return; that they themselves are taken apart; reconfigured; that the
infinite journey of such mappings is inherently uncanny; that the real
gnaws always already at the digital; the tree is the tree of the imagin-
ary; as in Saussure; Wittgenstein's family of usages; what is a family?;
what is familiality?; familiar?; that the totality of such mappings is the
result of extrusions, collapses, creations, annihilations, duplications;
that it is the result of totality, overall operations; that no bit or byte
is singled out from any other; that these computations are plankton-maw;
that nothing is distinguished precisely _in order to distinguish_; that
what emerges is close to the perspective-sublime; black-hole vanishing-
point; that there are trees of numbers and numbers of trees; that there
digital hands and handsful of digits; model model model.

gloom room, tomb loom, doom womb,
weir fear, smear, leer, seer here,
hear dear, death-breath, lethe-seeing,
being we-ing, fleeing seeing, me-ing cost,
lost, tossed, mossed, fate late, sate
mate, hate great, rate wait, bait-girl,
curl, whirl, furl, churl hurl, dying trying,
sighing, lying, tying, flying, mime time,
chime rhyme, pace space, place-race,
waste, haste, taste paste, chastened,
hastened, fastened, battered, tattered,
pattered, prattle, chattel, rattle, cried,
tried, sighed, lied, tied, chide, bide,
ride, plied, guide wide, died, plead dead

the the most most beautiful
of all my my music music
to to be be sure
no one speaks for for me me
not not even even my mouth
on a trip of its its own own
mouth mouth stay stay away
sparks sparks mount mount me
surmount teeth and and tongue tongue
lost lost runes runes ascend
around carved carved ogham ogham
and and wolves wolves descry
mind word word distanced distanced
wolves wolves of of hell
the most most beautiful beautiful
of of all

place, of which we dream of hearth and woods, a space
dark time with which to roam the park,
collapsed into death's dull doom, relapsed
in flowered beauty, wounded like a pin
dropped on sundered skin, trembling, yet stopped;
so grids encapsulate the final blow,
lines carry weights of dreams of oaks and pines,
of hearths, of kindness, of robin, home, and dove
soaring across charred lands; planes and guns are roaring
still; vectors struggle, travel up the hill

for Wilfred Owen in these times

issue of implicit abstraction returns, almost like a stain or residue. In
by the testicular, the former a stain upon the shaft of it, see that stain
turning sleazy panties, your stain grows larger, my Lightning's chipped
plate. Lightning's stain and the murmur of thunder, sexuality, the stain
or residue of inscription, the transformation of text _elsewhere_ of that
logic, the stain implied by the sheffer-stroke itself to the evacuation of

the real. Jennifer is thinking sleazy about her philosophy of immensity,
the stain all in the breadth of a stain on a minor planet. But I made the
angel fuck dirty panties Names roll off the tongue, stain the air
tentative; the signified is recuperated as a stain against a backdrop of
the virtual, stain the wires with my presence, search planetary context,
panties, your stain grows larger, my stain on my conscience, stain in your
world, see that stain turning sleazy panties, your stain grows larger, my
portal. her labia are portal to the sacrifice. stain her. the woman's are
platform for the sacrificial altar. stain him. are woman's lower parts
imagine being sleazy a stain on your wall viral crawl through in my lurid
dream i'm against one another - so that what remains is the stain or
residue of they want; i'm empty inside: stain of my loose arms around Your
nervous stain of their loose strings around my neck dirty panties is in my
catatonic stain of my loose arms around their necks Devour nervous stain
of their loose strings around my neck dirty panties alan is a character
but alan is also a stain or residue, almost always is a character but alan
is also a stain or residue, almost always alan "defuge" you stain yourself
following sleazy paths to old lurid defuge you stain earth, earth heaving
sleazy against the stain of the surface - these leaves me, little wet
thing, stain of past and future memory. Beneath the rod smudge or shadow
across the real, the stain always already of someone words a stain or
membrane, the shadow or the stain of a voice; mute, it says everything.
Your across the stain of broken limbs. Here _GaL-GaL_ turns, splayed open
and lurid depth of the pen on paper. It's the stain or residue of the
same. It's the lurid depth of the pen on paper it's the stain or residue
of the same, lorelei plunging sleazy into the sea, now see, red stain on
the waters on the sheets, perfume leaves its stain on the nipples, across

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