Thursday, September 07, 2006

What has happened to me? We returned from working at the Virtual Environments Laboratory and Center for Literary Computing (Frances van Scoy and Sandy Baldwin) at West Virginia University, Morgantown, only to operate in an admixture of depression, exhaustion, and upcoming venues. For recent work see
One will not be disappointed. I have been thinking about the origin of language, more or less now absolutely certain that writing in fact does predate speech, in a manner related to the predating of the history of video over and above the history of film (although, similarly, it might appear the other way around). In any case, there have also been posts to nettime-l; see the archive.

Graphic representation of metagenetic landscape, fanciful, above. I will be good.

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Richard Taylor said...

This writing predates speech I can accept: it is a Derridean idea (and Derrrida is important to you I know) (of course) - and he means it in the philosophic sense - I mean children always (?) speak before they write and some people never write or read BTW so you need (?) to explicate these concepts to those who haven't unsderstood (or even heard of) Derrida - I find him very difficult (not as much as Husserl however) - as far as I can see he meant to shock and he was talking metaphorically or conceptually. I have only recently read a good account of what Derrida was doing...

Your images are great here.

For me this (most of it new [I dont mean your work I have seen it since 2000] I mean your admixture of computer concepts and writing etc but I like the idea of it) - I find it hard to think of the issues that interest you (body,protocol etc - for now many of these ideas seem so abstract) but I maybe think about them in a different way.

But you have done some extraordinary writing and I respect your need to not "just be" a poet etc - and I know you started more or less in film via "art" etc and I respect your need to challenge & to disturb. I also sense the urgency of your work.