Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've been working with meta-objects mapped through Blender onto bvh dance files from motion capture. You can see some things at
and and . The stills here are from the avatarinterior series at the same site. I'm moving closer to something I find awful, bruised flesh, constranation.

Two days ago I fell down in a serious fainting spell. Yesterday and today Tal and Fusco hit into me on nettime-l; you can read about it in the archives.

I discovered if I play chromatic harp alternating with a standard one something better than usual comes out.

Reading Russell, Lukacs, Barthes, Husserl. Good company.

I've given up on the left. I'm on my own. That places me nowhere at all. The culture is contaminated by the differend, defuge, authenticity. So be it.

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