Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm not sure how to approach this blog for someone coming to it for the first time. One thing - I'd suggest going to the examples text below - you'd have to scroll down of course. There's also a philosophy text further down. You might also want to connect directly to
and look about; since the URL leads to a directory, you should be able to find the most recent posts (on my computers I just click twice on 'date modified'). The .txt files are of two types - those from the 'internet text' which I've been continuously writing - for the most part these are of the form ??.txt (for example ob.txt) or, some of the earlier ones - Net??.txt - and those which are stand-alone files such as nature.txt or cancer.txt. Most of the latter have been published elsewhere.

The graphics are almost all jpgs and easy to view; the video is mostly .mp4 which uses the latest H 264 compression; you might need to update your Quicktime to view it. I've also noticed that some Mac people find the .mp4 files only appear as characters on the screen; if this is the case, download them, save them as .mp4, and drag to Quicktime. I believe there are ways to set the permissions to have this done automatically in Safari. The audio files are almost all .mp3 and recently I've been saving them with less compression, less artifacts. There's an exe.tar which contains visual basic executables; you have to untar the file to get at them.

One way to proceed would be to use ftp and download, say, all the text files with the .txt extension. If you download the entire site, it's about 1.2 gigabytes, which actually isn't terrible and has all my writing from the past 14 years, a great deal of my earlier articles, some books, and audio/video/photo representative of the past 14 years as well. If you have questions, contact me at .

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