Sunday, January 28, 2007

throat Anita Berber

murmured. voices.
mayhem. vortex.
misery. blood.
muck. fuck. naked.
murder mucous murmured voices mayhem vortex morphine misery blood
muck fuck naked bonk] OK weakening wreck yelp yowl homicide v :
have sexual intercourse with "This student sleeps with derivation
descent Amytal Amytal pill Demerol Dolophine H Luminal adherence
Rh-type Rhesus factor acute leukemia affiliation agnate carnage
commit a gaffe cool decapitate decimation Letterer-Siwe bed have
go at it bang get it on away Schmerz ache aches and pains
aching heart adversity rub out ruin mandrake admiration agency
agent air allophone alto alveolar crow affliction agony agony of
mind angst anguish anxiety bale agnation alliance ancestry anemia
angiohemophilia anima undressed color common come out with comic
bass communicate consonant hum stringy lubricous as mucous
substance abate abolish sadness sordidness animal kingdom animating
force antibody antigen apico-dental approbation approval aria
singer speak incoherently annihilate asphyxiate assassinate
assassination air grievance aspiration assert assimilation atone
spiral spout spurt stew stir blunder blunder away into on upon
purging put patricide play havoc polish off purge extermination
Australian ballot Hare system Heldentenor Meistersinger attune aye
baritenor baritone basso basso buffo aspirate bark bated breath
bawl articulate articulation undraped drone emit endorsement
enfranchisement enunciate continuo ostinato profundo gangrene
garbage glop boulevardier bassus bilabial blessing blues bourdon
breathe aristocracy aristocraticalness bitterness bleeding broken
biorhythm birth blade blood bank muttering outcry pant pipe blue
devil heaven bloodmobile bloodshed bloodstream blood litter loiter
boggle botch bumble bump bumping-off bungle butcher blubber boom
bray bankruptcy breakage breakdown chaos collapse commotion lie
with brand breath life breed exhalation flute fret fret brood
brotherhood brothership buck cast caste category muck up counting
voice buzz buzzing cackle chant collateral collateral relative
velvet calmative chloral hydrate codeine chest chime cacuminal
canary cantatrice canto cantor underbreath undercurrent burden
calamity care group grouping picture vote cerebral chance chanter
chantress check goofball hard stuff continuant chirp clamor
complain complaining complaint coo crab circulation clan clansman
claret malcontent melancholia blunt clarified clear Tuinal Tuinal
alcohol amobarbital sodium Luminal cleared colorless conspicuous
denuded detectable dextran clotheshorse cognate cognation black
blue angel croak cirrus coil condensation trail contrail corkscrew
chord chorus coloratura coloratura soprano organic fertilizer
butchery connection connections consanguinean cantante discernible
codeine cough syrup depressant depressor dolly downer muddle
consanguinity cousinhood cousinship coxcomb cyclic heads crooner
cumulative voting deciding swirling tendril counterflux curl
curlicue mumble mumbling murmuration murmuring crushing curse
cynic wheel whirl whirlpool whirlwind whorl cripple crippling
damage destruction aplastic apparentation decision declare deep
deliver dental descant diphthong ordeal dampener damper dejection
depression depth misery caroler casting Hand-Schuller-Christian
disease disaster discomfort discontent native buff disclosed
discovered distilled evident exposed dilapidation disablement
dismember inroad loss maiming mischief dissimilation diva division
dramatic drone exposed to view disturbance dizzy round ebullience
ebullition eddy Cassandra displeasure distress dolor beef bellow
bellyache bitch blare blat count donor donor center contralto
convey electrocute eliminate elimination destroy do in dust drift
droppings dung dust exterminate eradicate eradication execute
effervescence embroilment evolute exhaust feery-fary ferment
enrichener entangle excrement open outcropping overt explosive
express expression syndrome Rh Rh-negative Rh-positive bring
bare-ass bared fagot falsetto favor favorable figured faux pas
finish flounder foul play fratricide extinguish flap flurry
fluster flutter barefaced beholdable blank blatant beverage
biological clock formulate forum franchise give give glottal
dressing fumble garrote genocide get rid of guillotine hang fume
fuss gabble gasp wet blanket woe wretchedness hardship fussiness
gulf gurge gyre helix tongue utterance glide disclose flagrant
free glaring gymnosophical fermentation fidgetiness fit involute
extremity gloom gloomy Gus grief grimness grouch grump goo gook
goop grime grind grub feculence filth fool heartache heartfelt
heartgrief heavy gibber gossip grapevine gripe groan grouse
grousing confusion crack-up platelet growl grumble grumbling grunt
hearsay hiss holler howl encroachment fracas harm havoc hobbling
bracket braining branch everyone in her dorm" "Adam knew Eve" "Were
you ever fling heroin hop horse hypnotic junk kink maelstrom
pell-mell rainbow red hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly hurry
hurry-scurry liquidate ice infanticide kill killing knock lay low
impairment incapacitation infringement injury unassisted unblended
stage whisper still small yellow yellow jacket jeremiad keen kick
lament lilt little rat race reel joylessness killjoy lamentation
languishment malaise cantus cantus laid lodge low maffle maunder
moan mouth despondency destitution louse manure mess mess around
beau liquidation lumber lynch mangle manslaughter mar massacre
matter furfur privation prophet doom prostration barbiturate
meperidine methadone morphia narcotic nightcap melancholy
mirthlessness misfortune detriment devastation mire mope mosey
dandruff debris decay dirt dirty dirty mucker mucky mucus mud
muddy murk matricide miscue bloody murder blot be all thumbs behead
pressure relation muff murdering mutilate parricide liable
manifest naturistic neat nonimmune noticeable nude scag
neutropenia nudist observable obvious open as day all slimy ropy
or opiate opium pacifier pain killer paregoric pen yan
phenobarbital ringlet roll ruffle scramble pain pang passion
penury pessimist pining poverty toil trash palpable patent peeled
hanging evidence full mussitate mutter phenobarbital poppy purple
quietener Seconal Seconal dandy dealing death deme denomination
figuratus planus canvass canvassing twist unquiet uproar perplex
phosphate plod pus putrid suffering suicidal despair perturbation
pirouette pother desolation desperation plain pure purified raw
recognizable countercurrent counterflow plaint planctus purr
knockout drops laudanum liquor lotus lullaby untinged untrimmed
down regicide removal remove root refluence reflux regurgitation
restlessness raise register relationship M Mickey Finn Nembutal
Nembutal repine roar rumble rumbling mutilation ruination Beau
Brummel Christmas secobarbital sedative shit sleep-bringer humming
jabber intercourse serum substitute bloodletting bloodline scurf
scuz sewage guano gum gumbo gunk idle linger shriek sibilate
sigh acceptance accompaniment active active scrag slaughter slay
slaying slip smother analgesic sleep-inducer sleep-producer sleeper
sleeping draught slab slave slime slob slog slop slosh sludge
slum class clinical rumor scold scream screech scuttlebutt smudge
smut snarl snot soot plain sight puris snort sob soft sough
unmixed unobstructed unornamented night soil nitrate nitrogen
obscenity offal ooze ordure snuff sororicide spoil strangle
stumble thuggee thuggery screw scroll spasm spin ravel rot
rubbish screw scum sorrowing sourpuss spoilsport squalor stitch
apico-alveolar splutter sputter squall squawk squeal disorder
disrepair showing simple stark carking catastrophe cheerlessness
sorrow stark-naked straight stripped susceptible seen flutteriness
susurrate susurration susurrus slush smirch smoke smooch stream
surge sweat swirl sordes splosh squash stroll superphosphate
swill tangle sex know do be intimate naturalibus the
altogether insight smack sodium thiopental somnifacient soother
breathy waste waste time absolute apparent au naturel bald bare
cry dolorous tirade drawl droning exclaim character chronic throe
trial tribulation trouble ruinousness sabotage scathe to-do tumult
turbulence turmoil turn twirl perceivable perceptible trumpet
twang ululation intimate this man?" [syn: roll unadorned
unadulterated unaided unalloyed unarrayed hurt hurting unclad
unclassified unclogged unclosed unclothed unclouded uncolored
uncombined uncomplicated uncompounded unconcealed uncorrupted
uncovered undecked humorlessness indigence infelicity infestivity
undecorated undeniable undiluted undisguised unembellished
unfortified unfurbished ungarnished twinge uncheerfulness
unhappiness unjoyfulness unmirthfulness unhidden unleavened
unmingled unmistakable unmitigated sing snap unprotected
unrestricted unsheathed unsophisticated unstopped thuggism trip
uproot uxoricide wipe wiping sickening spoiling violence vapor
volute volution wake wash soothing soporific tar glottalization
graveyard ground guttural cell undertone wail wail warble swallow
take talk thunder epenthetic vowel esteem yeastiness whimper whine
whispering whistle yap yawp yell tranquilizer turps white
anesthetic anodyne barb barbiturate off screw jazz eff
hump rectified revealed seeable sheer hay love arterial atman
bane bathmism beating countenance countertenor make out love


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