Saturday, March 31, 2012



three track open-holed flute including buzzes, trills, exhalings,
pops, glissandi, whispers, voicings, flutterings, hummings,
singings, breathings, throatings, mouthings, fingerings, cross-
fingerings, open-fingerings, closed fingerings, partial-closings,
partial-openings, clatterings, clickings, squealings, squawkings,
titterings, twitterings, counter-pointings, srutis, swayings,
dispersing, combining, creating, forgetting, repeating, ending,
beginning, alap, bols, taksim, scales, maqamat, pursings,
inhalings, harmonics, harmonizings, and whistlings, for your
pleasure, your laughter, your tears, your cries and murmurs,
your weepings, your assessments, your happy tears, your happy
cries, your happy weepings ...

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