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Sunday, May 07, 2006

By default we are stewards of the earth. An irresolute contradiction: beginning and ending of philosophy, absence of, not absented, Being; philosophy of this labor, this presence, this present: but: philosophy not of psychology, not of sexuality; neither the tropology nor the speciality; therefore the body present and absent; desire present and absent; mathesis present and absent: but: the remoteness of philosophy; remoteness of mathematics; remoteness of fundamental ontologies; within beings without Being. Therefore "by default": given that there is none, that there is none other; our ethos: subsummation of the other; recuperation of the other within the same; recuperation of the same within the other. Sheffer dual: "neither A nor B"; Sheffer: "not both A and B"; the fundamental "jectivity" - projection and introjection - expulsion and incorporation - exculpation and absolution (the register of ethos) - of organism in relation, in dialog, dialectic, with the world: imminent perceived environment - the project of organism, project of the environment vis-a-vis organism. The given without the giver, given without the gift, limitless, unbounded: the present. Stewardship by default: the given of the world, the wager of local zero-sum. Foundation of belief in relation to "what is to be done": Second jectivity, the overlay of ethos, Spirit, what passes for foundation. The foundation of belief is in passing. Is in passing as such. Belief is nothing if not of consequence; the consequence of belief is stewardship.
The basis of stewardship is decision. Decision is bifurcation, digital. Bifurcation is fundamental: the Schrodinger cat paradox depends on it. From analog continuous waveform to digital. The suturing of the digital: flattening; flattening by the organism in relation to the organism and its functioning. Suturing: the mathematical operation of integration. The other side of flattening: Contrast increase: the mathematical operation of differentiation. Differentiation is the basis of survival Differentiation is a disturbance of the digital within the analog. From disturbance, suturing. Worlding is dialog-dialectic among flattening and disturbance.
Here philosophy no longer speaks: I no longer speak. For what is being spoke is, can only be, speech broken by the world. Speech by its very present-presencing is always already broken; philosophy breaks on speech.

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