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Monday, May 08, 2006

To clear the house: the necessity of God/Spirit/Meaning; abstracted capitalized universals. These are misrecognitions, misapplications; from the specific to the general; from the imminent to the immanent; from many to one; from one to One. Occamic pragmatism; eliminate them. They are of service (they do not "serve") intrinsically; they comfort; they provide a matrix (as-if from matrix to Matrix); the appearance of transcendence; the therapeutic of warding-off death. They contradict flattening as tropes of disturbance. They appear from elsewhere, elsewhen; they appear elsewise; an introjected Other. Beware of capitals; of Capital. The projection of capitals returns as meaning; returns the loop; implies foundation (as-if from foundation to Foundation). They recuperate, exculpate, death (as-if from death to Death). They are the marrow of human culture. Farm them out; construct theologies, emblems; consider them (capital) Emblematic. Thus the symbolic emerges (from pre-linguistic, from proto-linguistic, from "chora") as-if from the Emblematic; as-if the Emblematic situates the symbolic vis-a-vis the human. From "situates" to "Situates," situation to "Situation"; Situation is generated by the Emblematic. To follow-through is to follow through with difficulty; with the problematic of verification. Adopt what works; otherwise adapt. "What works" = "what works for you."
From meanings to meaning to Meaning; from beings to being (copula included) to Being; from spirits to spirit to Spirit. But the last already implies an ontological split, disturbance, fueled by the foreknowledge of death; by problematic causal explanations of lifeworld events; by the recuperation, exculpation, of random tragedies. From humans to spirits is the production of meaning extended to the imminent. From imminent to immanent is father than the eye can see.
Flattening is being in the world; it is, references (what is, here, references) the style of the world. Depth absorbs disturbance, literally circumlocutes, circumscribes. The totality of circumscriptions of disturbances constitute a cultural textuality. The calling-forth of the Emblematic follows suit, exists within linguistic-psychoanalytic registers. The Emblematic is constituted by the virtual; from the virtual (as-if) to the Virtual. The virtual is always already within the world; technology, from tacit knowledge through electronic avatar, augments it. Augmentation filters (appears to filter) flattening; appears to distort; appears to generate depth (ontological fecundity), multiply-connected manifolds (epistemological fecundity). The virtual is inner speech, historicity and fecundity of interiority; philosophy is always already virtual; the discourse of the virtual is philosophical.
Every symbol is a ligament of avatar; every referent is a gesture; every gesture procures the body; every body is a speaking body; every body is a spoken body; every body is spoken-for.
Organism inhabits the symbolic; the symbolic is not a matter of consciousness; a manner of consciousness; the symbolic is a manner of worlding; of inhabitation. The provenance of the symbolic is not solely human; the provenance of stewardship lies within the symbolic of the human. "By default we are stewards of the earth": precisely because of the extension of human power; of the vectorization of human culture. Vectorization: the physical extension of culture, the sprawl.

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