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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fiske: The "discovery of the law of gravitation, as well as the invention of such a superstition as the Hand of Glory, is at bottom but a case of association of ideas." I cannot comprehend Being; Being does not exist in my comprehension, nor in my understanding, nor in association, nor in empathy. Of beings, I understand association. Being is a taste, a connoisseurship of the world or collector of the world, tending towards the final object. If Being is not absolute, what is? It is as if what is given "is given"; it is not; the thetic tends towards the thetic; circumlocution occurs within the same flattening as the world at large; writing is such a tendency. The philosophy of sex, of sexuality, of love, of war, hate; the philosophy of culture; of media theory: all are farmed-out; all are within the provenance of disciplines, speciality. Art is the drawing of negation; art is a disturbance of association; art reveals the flattening and non-Being of the world; even within its presentiment of Being, non-Being. Art is corruption; preservation holds its own in the skein of decay. To create is to bifurcate; creation is discrete, the rasa no exception. The commonality of art is gesticulation; the commonality of art and language is gesture. As for sexuality: "Language is always at a loss; hence the fury of language, presence of obscenities or thickening" [5] - rupture is production; sexuality infects the social; the infection is the social. Jouissance and preservation: farmed-out to psychology; psychoanalytics; biogenetics; anthropology: this central drive whose centrifugal emotion colors everything; presents or re-presents the philosophical as determinative property, boundary, territory and its circumambulation. Sexuality has no belonging; philosophy is a speaking or carrying-out a longing for belonging, lengthening of situation, just as death dissolves belonging which rites recreate for the survivors. Obscenity is obscenity in its absence, its impossibility, of circumlocution, a symbolic axis of interiority. Obscenity is that which is spoken because it cannot be spoken; philosophy is an obscenity; a pornography; its speaking is a flattening; a circumdiction of disturbance; what is called a therapeutic or meditation; a dreamwork or working-through; what is symbolic labor. In labor exchange value and use value are equivalent; to think otherwise is to mistake ontology for content. The value of labor lies in reification; in "fitting" (Bohm); in the production of materials; of thought; operations within or across ontologies; emotions or prime numbers; bricks or philosophy. Obscenity is valuable in its valuelessness; it works, working through nothing; it is contrary or wayward, contradiction; obscenity occurs within the Sheffer stroke dual "neither A nor B"; in its elsewhere; in its range outside the organization and data-basing of labor and its production.
Of the absurdity of analysis of X: X-beneath-the-sign-of-Y- analyzed or mediated by Z: Z(Y(X)) for example; forgive the errors of category. A loss: Philosophy exists qua philosophy to the extent that Y is problematic; that Z turns away; turns the other face; that the tending of X; of the world; is towards Other. What can be said dissolves in speciality; in the interconnections among specialities; in the discourses of specializations; that is, in the discourses of analysts; perhaps in analytical discourses or discourse. The value of art is in opposition to the value of labor; art is active and potential laborlessness-in-production; obscenity underlies both; underlies philosophy; violence and sexuality underlie obscenity; obscenity underlies both.
By default we are stewards of the earth.

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