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Saturday, May 06, 2006

my private army in still and movie has nothing on it for us, more later <** "What I recognize, in the silence of the drive and its inane uncoupling, is my death. This is the end of the depository, of capital, the beginning of death, faltering of memory. Death will not come among the epistemology and ontology of the real or the virtual; it circumscribes ontology. I remember a student of Lyotard telling me how frightened he was of dying, how _scared._ I still read his words, in books, layers of crystalline information dependent upon the _times_ to make sense, cohere, to be <+P:-P:> - bra and ket. "Dirac is dead and all knowledge with him."" Now dispersion, particulation, spew, emission, clash with death: for what is the death of an electromagnetic burst into space, for example? What is the role of quantum noise? Virtual particles? What horizon does death procreate in the midst of diaspora? What trace is left behind as matter already decomposes, as bits increase exponentially?

Death matters to me and not to the Other. The horizon is always already porous; death is preposterous as an incomplete or thwarted circumlocution. Death walks around the walk-around of death. Does dispersion dis-appear? Does death in death become One? Does death become?

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