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Thursday, June 15, 2006

dominion and voice intersperse through culture, entangled, she's bringing home the goods she's got the goods the cat's in the bag she's bagged the voice, she's strapped you in, she's kissed you good
you're in the bag, you've bagged the girl, she's strapped it on, she's strapped you in, you've sucked her bag, you've opened the bag, she's on your case, you're in her case, you've got the goods, you've bagged her voice, you've strapped her in, you've kissed her good, she's in the bag,
she's bagged you good, you've strapped it on, you've strapped her in, she's sucked your bag, she's opened the bag, you're on her case, she's in your case, she's got the goods, she's bagged your voice

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