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Saturday, June 24, 2006

semiotics of the digital - analogic

3 videos with Maud and Foofwa (choreography/video Foofwa, dance Maud,
mise-en-scene, production, effects, Alan)

the maudsfinal

i apologize for the size of this; already it is only 320 x 240 down from
PAL but at least it will give you the jist of such duets as i have not
worked with previous to this moment, in which digital flesh suborns
relation to the ratio-analog, in which digital flesh blocks the analog at
such critical moments, among the glance and the exposition
while i am writing this, the flu-like symptoms have returned; image and
artifact constitute delirium
azure will front and intersperse, what was original no longer exists,
extinction, universal annihilation looms, what organisms of the future
anterior subsist on such fodder?

(22 megs and again apology but on this occasion, it's worth it. even in

lexicon, analog
- in this a segment is repeated diachronically (temporally).
if segment = S, then we have S*n - n repetitions
- in this a single segment is constructed synchronically (spatially).
space collapses onto itself; if space = S then we have S*x = S.

So there'a a _vocabulary_ constructed here, against which Poser/motion
capture, Blender, etc. plays. - at least in a while this should
be up. It's very simple reverse echo set to 'maximum' but you can see
where this is going, how it would work w/ poser, or with even a vocabulary
/ calligraphy of the figure - meanwhile for me it's uncannily beautiful,
Maud suspended in space

Meanwhile I've been working mainly with a short piece of the Maud material
which I'll make into an .mp4 either tonight or tomorrow; the rendering is
horrendous. It's simple but works. The tapes together constitute almost a
lexicon of figuration - it's hard to explain, but there are so many possi-
bilities, in terms of video, but also aesthetics, philosophy...

I'm unclear about the nature of the fetish in the construction of the
original tapes, in which stage left/right, horizontal/vertical, closeup/
distance interplay in a semiotics of desire outlined by the bar-barriers
of the material; I see this as minimal signs of humans on a planet within
which they remain benign, localized.

Just got down humming through the 15 mini-dvs, and will begin working more
with them now. Your roof, the flute silhouette solo, the picnic, all are
cinematic, perhaps a story in that -

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