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Friday, June 09, 2006

For those interested in visiting the show - here are the details:
em/bedded up through June 24th. Track 16 Gallery, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Building C1, Santa Monica, CA, 90406. Take the 10, get off at Cloverfield, take a right on Michigan; Michigan ends at Bergamot, drive into Bergamot, park on the left. Phone 310-264-4678.

The replaces the kite and tent videos. I find it a fairly interesting video in itself.

Meanwhile I'm dealing with bad health and financial issues. which has reversed 'hardening' echo embedded in it - the hollowing out of the world, slow concretion. I thought you might enjoy this. On the other hand it's 20 megs.

Then again if you go to and - short videos without beginnings or endings, the employment of absolute 'shelves' in relation to surrounding space.

Working with code, flattening, disturbance, imaginary, and have you seen the - this is 11 megs, not impossible.

This also relates to the most recent (8 meg I think) video:
- an inconceivably ill/ness/defined space - also related to the 4theorists - this work all interlocks - my secret is repetition across amazingly long markov chains...

Too much on my platter. Some references: Paul Celan, Blanchot, Jabes, Shelley, I belong among 'em.

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