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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Help me find the wounded. Remove the sick and wounded. Take care of all wounded. This patient cannot be moved. Stay with this man. Look after him. Lift him gently. Help carry this man. Carry him to the hospital. Carry him carefully. Carry his equipment. Will you dress his wound? Boil the water. He is cld. Here is a blanket. Remove his clothes. Have no anxiety, we will look after you. Can you move your leg? Put a temporary split on that leg. He has sprained his ankle. He is dying. Get the chaplain. Help me. I am feverish. I have chills. I have a headache. I can't walk any more. I am weak. My throat is sore. Give me an injection of morphine. My bandage is untied. Please bind up my hand. I am wounded on the right arm. Carry me carefully. I am in great pain here. You are hurting me. I have difficulty in breathing. My pains are internal. The pain is constant. I want something to stop the pain.

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