Saturday, December 23, 2006

Alias - One has an alias - the connotation is that of subterfuge (but not necessarily). Feyman write about alias as a question of raster - think of alias, aliasing, as the return of the repressed of the real - what can't be accommodated is transformed by the upper ceiling of the bandwidth into rhythmic structuring - of course if the unaccommodated - one might say unaccountable - is itself within a relatively steady-state. Look for alias / aliasing in the real, for the location of what might pass for primordial - what whispers in spite of everything.

Aliases and rhythm - but given the potential of alterity, a face without content, a face elsewhere than the Other - the rupture itself, aliasing itself, may take on the appearance of a masquerade (i.e. of the second order). Hence what is apparent may be the extrusion or residue of insufficient bandwidth, and if we generalize, we might find that the appearance of the real is always already alias, construed as appearance, forced into its return.

Is sampling always inadequate? Don't we make these decisions in the first place, in relation to human perception? Think of the alias as a wound - wound as gateway - or diacritical mark. Here is where the digital meets the analog - or at least where catastrophe meets emission - where emission is channeled...

There is something deep here, more than meets the I ...

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