Monday, December 11, 2006

I continue to put work up on YouTube. There have been 550 hits in the past few days - which is pitifully small, but larger than almost any experimental video/film audience. Almost all the video I've seen on YouTube is rendered poorly; I'm definitely going to trie other sites - everything depends on compression of course.

Meanwhile check out YouTube under my name.

And I've been thinking - working with too many bodies at this point; I have to return to writing as well, the theoretical materials that might or might not come out of thinking about LISP. Notions of gathering, shades of Badiou again. But I've also been sidetracked - reading the diario of Columbus' first voyage, abstracted by de la Casas - from which I am sure the world flows...


Claire said...

I have no idea whether this would work for your purposes, but I know of an incredibly neat and unexpectedly popular project going on: the Open Video Digital Library. There's an excellent article on it in D-Lib, as well.

Good luck!

P.S. I'm having difficulties with my Blogger account; I don't know if it is actually identifying me.

alan said...

You're identified as 'Claire' here. I'll check on this of course. I'm not sure my work will fit in from what I've seen.
Thanks, Alan

mIEKAL aND said...

Why not