Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Work on YouTube

Some work moved to youtube where it might be easier to watch - I've also
tried for because they pay and we're desperate - they pay if
there are enough viewers - no art category - something about cool stuff -
anyway none of the uploads worked; it would read my .mp4 or .mov files
which went thru easily on youtube. Meanwhile on youtube everything's
blurred out, but at least there in one form or another. And anyway, enjoy.
And tell me what's wrong with metacafe. And send lots of money. Seriously.
Lots and lots of money. - Alan

PS and tell you friends about it and everyone will be happy.





doomed dancer


bulb1.mp4 avatar interior

duetavatargrange avatar exterior

Tube Scan (vacuum tube deconstruction)

agzither - Alpine Zither / Access Grid

I've now completed editing something like 50 short videopieces from the Switzerland trip, and then there are combinations to come with the abstracted imagery from the VEL (virtual environments lab) at WVU. I feel strongly about working furiously - I never know how much time I have left, and it's better to work through every idea while there's still a mind to think, mouth to speak, fingers to type. More and more will always come; I hope only that the ideas, however poorly expressed, hold for at least a week after I'm gone. If anyone reads them. If any work survives. If any of us do.

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