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Friday, April 21, 2006

1995 vocalization - where were these going? i've lost track of the speaker, perhaps someone can help me, i don't know, it doesn't matter, the world has changed so much since then, wars, shortages, violence everywhere, rampant disease, these from an earlier time, dare i say golden age, time of great beauty, Ch'u Yuan would have been pleased, would have revoked, recuperated, would have issued in that golden age, 1995, the world was at peace forever, no hunger, nothing, not the slightest pain, miracle
anyway that's what i think, i'm sure of these things, i haven't the slightest doubt, things have gone downhill since then, it might be my age, i don't recognize myself any more, these words are from someone else, somewhere else, i'm sure in fact that the golden age was filled with dross, horror, misery, one could feel the extinctions on the way, everyone occupied with communication, newsgroups, MOOs and MUDs and all those furry-creature save-havens for quiet speech and friendship, late-night online bars, nightclubs, cafes, diners, savagry of course, but there was a sense of something else as well, now these voices, i'm not sure even of the techniques, recorders, technology, computers used, i was moving into the light, lip and mouth, eye and cock, of the tunnel of the yarn-ball-1995

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