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Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Worldwind 1.3.4 - the World Trade Center satellite image is again visible,
haunting the database, part of which are at least five years old. This was
visible years ago, then seemed removed, now returned. In my Brooklyn
neighboorhood, the scarred earth pit, where a shopping center currently
resides, is still visible. Was the db frozen in time or does it remain a
memorial, therefore useless to current debate? One can only imagine a
demand by WTC victim families that the maps remain inviolate, shrouding
the present in memorial." Bloody hell I can't even write with any sort of clarity at this point, it's all bonkers. The shadow of the buildings was always already there, before construction; this wasn't a tomb or grave, just the transformation of weather/atmosphere that NYC buildings bring about. I remember walking around with Ken Wark and his GPS in the vicinity. The buildings are throttles; they're hollowed out, filled with bone and text debris. I manufacture content. That's what I do best. That and die.

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poet CAConrad said...

Hey Alan, just found out you have a blog. Glad in particular to read this post.

Something we need to be TALKING about and TALKING LOUD -- is that there was also asbestos.

Some people thought maybe I misheard ON 911 itself, when I was watching the news, heard Peter Jennings interview the engineer of the buildings reply to Jennings question about what all the dust might contain, "Well, a good part of that would be asbestos." Then, I'M QUITE SERIOUS, an hour or so later Jennings came back to say that that was a mistake, something like, "We've been told that that was a mistake, there was no asbestos in the World Trade Centers."

Which is simply NOT true, it wasn't a mistake. As though the engineer WOULDN'T KNOW, first of all. Second, the EPA said that there was in fact asbestos found all over Lower Manhattan. Found even in air ducts on Wall Street.

There has probably never been that much asbestos in the air at once. Ever.