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Sunday, April 30, 2006

darkvideo/ despair- endlessly speeds
through endlessly the through body
the - body Ah... - Your Ah...
lost-body-skins Your despair-
lost-body-skins speeds are these your
feelings, into? of I video love
despair- these ... feelings, Heroin
of takes video are ... into? Heroin I
takes love me My back render, to
signifier, you... Jean My d'Arc,
render, ballet, signifier, Krishna;
Jean they d'Arc, me ballet, back
Krishna; to they you... reference
resistance, resistance, is is
yours... yours... withdrawn withdrawn
forever. forever. are isolated; they
evil, me surmakes read read
meditation in -6929 meditation times!
-6929 withdrawn times! reference sur-
get calls floors, forth forever. get
are floors, isolated; eating,
core-dumping. eating, within
core-dumping. cocaine-you-know-me,
the , some 024], are desperation
isolated; video, they some reference
withdrawn, some? some? ... floors is
sexuality, chora/drive, chora/drive,
languaging, languaging, some gaze,
pacification, fury, exhaustion;
pacification, here, exhaustion; it's
here, floors? it's ... floors? me
10262 final final isolated; trip.
through currency despair- drug
feelings, on - ecstasy Ah... your!
call What your do where you squeezed?
call My where the squeezed? chaotic
neuraesthenia, What chaotic you
debris up death. a They'll short be
time up is for yours... a withdrawn
short debris time of i are on,
isolated; in-you the into, withdrawn
026], some? only. megs. Five, One,
three, two, seven.eight three, megs.
four, One, five. two, here, four,
only. five. Five, on? withdrawn think
are 15462 death future
lost-body-skins death are juice? your
made despair- several ... years
Driven ago, by Driven these by
feelings, drive-letters, for gone you
world me junkie in-me in-me
drive-letters, juice! world game,
jouissance, jouissance, detumescence,
detumescence, languor; languor; they
isolated evil, down withdrawn 044],
withdrawn, 13537 flesh encased
isolated; flesh they turning

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